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Emerald Article: Re-examining green purchase behaviour and the green consumer profile: new evidences 
Gary Akehurst, Carolina Afonso, Helena Martins Gonçalves

Purpose – This paper aims to re-examine the determinants of ecologically conscious consumer behaviour (ECCB) by analysing the green consumer profile (socio-demographic and psychographic variables), building on the work of Straughan and Roberts. Moreover, the study explores the determinants of effective green purchase behaviour (GPB) considering ECCB and green purchase intention (GPI) previously evaluated.

Design/methodology/approach – The authors conducted a quantitative study based on an online survey. Data collection was implemented in two different phases: in the first phase ECCB, GPI and profiling variables were measured. One month later, the same respondents evaluated their effective GPB. Through path analysis the effects of ECCB and GPI on GPB were measured.

Findings – The results show that psychographic variables, with emphasis on perceived consumer effectiveness (PCE) and altruism, are more relevant than socio-demographics in explaining ECCB. The consumers with higher ECCB have shown higher green purchase intention (GPI). ECCB has a positive impact on GBP, higher than GPI, which in turn mediates that relationship.

Research limitations/implications – The research results may lack generalizability. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to test the proposed propositions further.

Practical implications – The paper provides evidence that whenever ecological consciousness is high, the gap between GPI and GPB is less evident, which provides clear evidence that an understanding of green consumer profiles and behaviour can enable organizations to respond better to new management challenges.

Originality/value – This paper provides a comprehensive understanding about the green consumer profile and behaviour, including the effect of GPI on GPB, and which contribute to the coordination of future marketing strategies to target this segment.

Keywords Green marketing, Green consumer profile, Green consumer behaviour, Ecological consciousness, Green purchase intention, Green purchase behaviour, Demographics, Psychographics

Paper type:  Research paper



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