My Web Summit Notes – November 9

My WebSummit Notes

November 9

Highlights from the talk about “The war of media”
  • Adblocking is increasing and it poses challenges to publishers. Acording to Adblocking Plus, it empowers users to make decisions. There will be soon a Committee to help to define what is an acceptable ad.
  • For Financial Times customer experience is essential. Their readers they run the extra mile and pay for quality content. Most part of revenue comes from eSubscriptions an not from advertising.
  • There are different experiences between global brands like Finantial Times and Bloomberg and other smaller publishers, more dependent on revenue coming from ads.

Food for thought

  • There is a need to raise the value of advertising and make it meaningful to consumers.
  • Social feeds are important since it generates more audiences, traffic and more economic value to the platforms. They participate in the monetization programme publishers create.
  • Content monetization is a key for publishers in today’s overcrowded digital advertising panorama.
About #Pitches

This guy is from Authored Limited, a start-up that moved from the “mobile driven” storytelling advertising model to “artificial intelligence” model.

They have created a platform to help publishers to create their optimized contents. At the end of writting a piece of content you will be able to get an algorithm score that enables you to understand the potential it might have on a specific feed.

Let’s see how it ends up!

Is UX an opiate for the masses?

Justin from Hinge faced many challenges regarding the dating app interface. It was not appropriate for dating and he has redesigned new features like matching games for singles, etc, to help people to connect. People are now talking 5 times more engaged with the app. 83% of people that swype in an dating app did not find a partner one year later. So, it is fun but it not efficient. New improvements were made and now the app is running quite well.

Trust from Time Well Spent said we are living in an attention where verybody is competing for attention. Creating a platform where you can get your message spread is not easy. Smartphones are like cars, they foster individuality instead of putting us in touch with each other. The challenge is to create a strategy human centered.

Food for thought
Ux design models are created to pursue the intent and to empower consumers

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